Queer Technology

Technology has evolved so rapidly in the past 100 years, from the imagining of the computer science era in the days of Alan Turing to the advent of programming languages and the evolution of processors that can run tiny devices like smartphones. But what do all of those key achievements have in common?

They were all led and pioneered by members of the LGBTQ+ community!

As a former software developer (and current nerd), one of my passions outside of the activism and mental health work is Digital Preservation or #DigiPres for short. I love restoring old hardware and software, uncovering the secrets of the past, and getting to grips with how technology evolved so that we can better understand how to shape its future.

But the more I preserve and archive, the more I realise that the queer contributions to the world and progression of technology is even more undocumented, and therefore in danger of being forgotten.

And thus the idea behind the Daughterboard project was born! Over the coming months and years, it is my intention to do what I can do uncover, document, and discuss queer contributions to the past 100 years of technology, no matter how great or small.

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